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  • Our mission is to build Artificial General Intelligence. We think we have the most practical approach of doing it: creating a platform that potentially will bring and connect 1000s of expert AI tools together.
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Our web-platform allows companies to deploy their AI tools while giving everyone the chance to access high quality AI products.

about the company

  • Founded by Harvard alum and backed by MIT and Harvard professors. We have raised approximately $5M and to have a product up and running with over 35 AI tools already deployed!

what we are doing

  • Gathering expert AI tools

    We are attempting to potentially building AGI by gathering and interconnecting 1000s of expert AI tools on our web-platform.
  • Crowdsource expert AI tools

    Companies deploy their AI tools on our platform which helps them monetize their technology. We have agreements with AI suppliers. They bring technology. We bring users.
  • Over 35 expert AI tools already deployed

    Currently, most of our AI tools are for retail investors: regular people who are interested in using AI for investing and trading purposes. Our tools analyze text, speech, and other complex and unstructured data to provide insights about markets.
  • Allow AI tools to grow synergistically

    We are connecting many different AI models to leverage their data and capabilities to eventually synergize them into Artificial General Intelligence. To achieve this, the GenesisAI platform has been designed to enable the interaction of multiple expert AI tools which can easily integrate with each other.

jobs of genesis

Join us in building the future of AI!

  • Elite team

    Founded by Harvard alum, and backed by MIT and Harvard professors. We have world-experts and PhDs in our core and advisory teams. Since the inception, we’ve raised approximately $5M!
  • Most valuable tech

    GenesisAI’s vision is to connect as many different AIs as possible to form Artificial General Intelligence. Creation of such a platform potentially will unlock trillions of dollars in value and will begin the solving of many of humanity’s problems - poverty and diseases.
  • AI is the future!

    AI is the future. This technology is already dominating the internet and soon it will dominate the world. AI is growing rapidly and its market size is projected to reach $2.8T by 2030.


    According to a PWC report, the AI sector is going to contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030.


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  • Full-time hires only

    Software Engineer

    Locations: Miami, Boston & remote
    Types of projects: developing and deploying ML-driven solutions for retail investors. Using NLP and Speech recognition to analyze text and speech data. Interconnecting multiple models to enable complex interactions among AI tools.
    • Experience: fresh out of college to 5 years+
    • Excellent benefits: Big tech salary + startup equity
    • Requirement: experience with Python
    • Recommended: experience with Flask, TensorFlow, PyTorch, AWS SageMaker
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  • Full-time hires only

    Product Manager

    Locations: Miami, Boston & remote
    Types of projects: Understanding what users want based on user interviews, A/B testing, and analyzing Google Analytics data. Designing features and communicating the plan with engineers for implementation.
    • Requirement: B.A in computer science or a related field and / or SWE experience at a big tech firm.
    • Recommended: B.A in computer science, SWE experience at a big tech firm, PM experience.
    • Excellent benefits: Big tech salary + startup equity
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