the global ai marketplace

Our web-platform allows companies to easily deploy their AI tools whilst giving everyone chance to access High quality AI products.
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our mission is to build

artificial general intelligence

  • We believe we have the most practical approach of doing it: creating a platform that will connect 1000s of expert AI tools together.

    Our web-platform allows companies to easily deploy their AI tools whilst giving everyone a chance to access high quality AI products.

Founded by Harvard alumni, backed by MIT professors, and funded by two renowned Venture Capital firms. GenesisAI is the future of AI!

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  • ai is the future

    AI is projected to contribute up-to $15 Trillion to the world economy.
  • most valuable tech

    Achieving our vision would make GenesisAI the single most valuable technology that whole world has ever seen.
  • elite team

    Founded by Harvard alumni. Backed by MIT and Harvard professors. Funded by two distinguished VCs.

why invest

realtime problem

  • the major obstacle for ai innovation: Narrow scoped AIs

    AI is transforming the world; however, major obstacles inhibit AI development.

    Currently, the scope of individual AI models is very narrow because they can only perform tasks they are specifically designed for.

    For example, an AI model trained on beating a world chess champion will have a hard time beating a 6-year-old in poker.

  • the limiting impact of ai

    Slower AI development is delaying its expected 15T contribution to the global economy.
  • ai models are’nt adaptable

    With restricted interactions AI models always start from scratch slowing down the entire process.

major solution

  • laying the foundation of agi

    GenesisAI’s web-platform enables AIs to work synergistically, combining their narrow specialtiesin to a ‘global brain’ with broad capabilities.

what is the plan?

We aim to do this by bringing together 1000s of expert AI tools onto a single platform.
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The most practical approach to building AGI:

genesisai marketplace

  • We believe that creating a platform that will connect 1000s of expert AI tools with each other is the most practical approach for Artificial General Intelligence development.

    With the GenesisAI marketplace, we are gathering numerous expert AI tools and interconnecting them. We envision that, as a whole, this AI ecosystem will be able to do pretty much anything.

Which is by definition is Artificial General Intelligence: tech that can do a variety of tasks in a similar fashion to humans.
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complex interactions give birth 2 new tools!

imagine the unimaginable

Speech Recognition
Speech Translation

1+1 > 2

  • increasing quality of models

    Our research shows that we can increase the quality of each model by allowing them to communicate – by exchanging data, trading services and learning from each other.

meta model

  • the mother of all models is being born

    Our goal is to eventually create a meta model that will delegate tasks based on each AI’s expertise so that the ecosystem is able to do a variety of tasks.

“Whoever becomes the true leader in the Artificial IntelligenceI sphere will become the ruler of the world.”

about market

  • This technology is already dominating the internet and soon will dominate the world. The AI sector is going to contribute trillion dollars to the world economy.
  • $15.7 trillion by 2030
    The AI sector is going to contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030.
  • $2.8 trillion by 2030
    AI is growing rapidly and its market size is projected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2030.

about traction

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  • 19x
    19x growth in number of new monthly user registrations on the GenesisAI platform
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  • 10
    Beta model up and running with over 10 expert AI models deployed
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  • $5M
    $5M raised from 4,400 investors, funded by 2 elite Venture Capitalists
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what we are doing

  • gather expert ai tools

    We are attempting to build AGI by gathering and interconnecting 1000s of expert AI tools on our web-platform.
  • crowdsource expert ai tools

    Companies deploy their AI tools on our platform which helps them monetize their technology. We have over 15 agreements with AI suppliers. They bring technology. We bring users.
  • over 35 expert ai tools deployed

    Currently, most of our AI tools are for retail investors: regular people who are interested in using AI for investing and trading purposes. Our tools analyze text, speech, and other complex and unstructured data to provide unparalleled insights about markets.
  • allow ai models 2 grow synergistically

    We are connecting many different AI services to leverage their data and capabilities and potentially to eventually synergize them into one Artificial General Intelligence. To achieve this, the GenesisAI platform has been designed to enable the interaction of multiple expert AI tools that can easily be plugged in with each other.

business model

  • We are going to charge users monthly subscription fees for access to all models on our platform. This will be done in a similar way to how movie-hosting websites charge subscription fees for users to watch any of the available movies.

    Additionally, and similar to our business model, these websites pay movie studios to host movies on their platforms.

    For transactions that occur directly between buyers and sellers (e.g. a seller completes a task as requested from the buyer) there will be a transaction fee of 30%.

how we’re different

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  • anyone can benefit from our tech!

    GenesisAI is built for everyone! Most of the competitors’ tools have been built exclusively for software engineers.

    We found that most people want to use AI models, but they do not want to learn the computer science behind it.

  • the only company that has a practical approach towards building agi

    Many companies working on creating AGI are trying to build a super-computer that will be extremely similar to humans. We believe this approach is very unrealistic, and very unlikely to work.

    We have a better and more practical approach towards building AGI: gathering and interconnecting 1000s of expert AI tools with each other.

  • we also have higher quality ais

    Allowing different AIs to learn from each other, exchange data, and provide services, increases the quality of AIs by up to 70%.

our vision

  • our goal is to lay foundation for the creation of agi

    GenesisAI’s vision is to connect as many different AIs as possible together to form Artificial General Intelligence. Creation of such a platform will unlock trillions of dollars in value and will initiate the solving of many of humanity’s problems.
team genesisai
Our ideology is to provide AGI for the people, by the people. We want to disrupt the current system, in which only a handful of companies control a large majority of AI power.

team genesisai

  • archil cheishvili & mena gadella

    We have world renown experts and PhDs in our core and advisory team. We are also backed by two elite Venture Capitalists.

Founded by Harvard alumni and backed by prominent MIT and Harvard professors.

  • archil cheishvili

    archil cheishvili

    • Founder, CEO
    • Economics, Harvard University
    • Former CEO of AI startup Palatine Analytics
    • Bridgewater Associates
    • Recognized by media outlets such as the New York Post and Yahoo Finance
  • mena gadalla

    mena gadalla

    • Chief AI Scientist
    • PhD in Applied Physics, MS in Computational Science and Engineering both from Harvard John A
    • Published multiple scientific papers and raised over $1 million in research grants
  • artiom bell

    artiom bell

    • Software Engineer
    • Software Engineer at Salesforce for 5 years
    • B.S in Computer Engineering

genesisai advisors

  • Professors, researchers and CEOs from the most respected institutions in the world.

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  • thomas magnanti

    thomas magnanti

    • Former Dean of Engineering, MIT
    • Institute Professor, MIT
    • Former Dean of Engineering at MIT
    • Institute Professor
    • Founding Director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)
  • neil flanzraich

    neil flanzraich

    • Lead Independent Director, Chipotle
    • Former President of Ivax Corporation
    • Lead Independent Director of Chipotle
    • Former President of Ivax Corporation (acq. by Teva for $10B)
    • Executive Committee member of Syntex Corporation (sold to Roche Holdings for $5.3 B)
  • travis may

    travis may

    • CEO, Datavant
    • Founder & CEO, LiveRamp
    • Former CEO of LiveRamp (acq. by Acxiom for $310 mil)
    • CEO of Datavant. Forbes 30 Under 30
  • ed simnett

    ed simnett

    • Operating Partner, Battery Road Digital
    • Former Head of Product Strategy, Microsoft
    • MBA from Harvard Business School, previously Director of strategy and business development at Nokia
    • Former Head of Product Strategy, Microsoft
  • minlan yu

    minlan yu

    • Professor of Computer Science at Harvard
    • Expert in distributed systems
    • Professor at Harvard School of Engineering
    • She received her PhD in computer science from Princeton University
    • She has actively collaborated with companies such as Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, and Bell Labs
  • elie ofek

    elie ofek

    • Professor, HBS
    • PhD in Business Administration, Stanford
    • Professor of Business Administration in the Marketing unit at Harvard Business School
    • Development engineer at IBM Research

artificial intelligence revolution

  • This is our chance to change the world together – a beginning of a new era. Join us in building the future of AI!

The AI revolution is happening now and we want participants.